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6-12 IND HP, 37lb pail, US$90.00

Shipping Weight: 40lbs Dimensions: 13x13x15. Shipping is with UPS or USPS, shipping on the East Coast from Maine to Key West is around $20. Orders before 3pm East Coast time ship on the same day. We are currently accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We can ship Worldwide, call for details and shipping information.

Transport Considerations: Sodasorb absorbent is non harzardous as defined in the Hazordous Materials Transportation Act and U. S. Department of Transportation regulations contained in 49 CFR. Because there is less than 4% Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) active ingredient in the material it is not classified as a corrosive and therefore may be transported by land, sea or air without the need for any special hazard or shipping warnings.

Storage & Handling: Store Sodasorb absorbent in an airtight container in a clean, cool and dry environment. Extremes of temperature should be avoided as they may lead to a reduction in efficiency for any absorbent material. High temperatures may evaporate the moisture content of the absorbent. Allowing the material to freeze will cause the moisture content to expand and fragment the granules causing excessive dust. Indicator treated absorbents should also be stored away from intense light, especially ultra-violet light as this degrades the indicator dye.

Because the absorbent is alkaline and caustic in nature, it is recommended that protective clothing such as gloves, goggles and mask be used when handling loose granules in both its fresh and used state.

Disposal: Unused Sodasorb absorbent is not a federally regulated hazardous waste under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regulations. Incineration or landfill disposal in accordance with all current local, provincial and federal regulations. Material not incinerated may be alkaline.

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