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Current and Past Projects

RT Logic!
RT Logic's Telemetrix PCI / VME Boards. Signal / Stream processing for Telemetry, Range, and Command Systems. Mid Atlantic Research provided Circuit board design for these products. Most of these PCB's are 10 - 12 layers, microvia, controlled impedance, matched trace length with 540 pin Xylinx Ball Grid Arrays.

RT Logic products are used in ground based satellite testing, As well as range, launch vehicle, and flight test data acquisition.

NOAA 134 Khz Fish Tag
NOAA Fisheries, Development of a 134 Khz PIT TAG radiotelemetry sampling system to be used with a fish passage tube (R-8 tube). Mid Atlantic Research designed a 134 Khz Transceiver to read Tagged fish as they swam thru the Reader and transmit the Tag ID serially to a central database that would track the fish as it passed thru various Dams.

Passive Integrated Transponder allow salmon survival measurement as young fish move through the hydropower system in the Snake and Columbia rivers. The tags are the size of a grain of rice and are implanted in juvenile fish as they begin their migration. Each tag has a unique ID number and identifies an individual fish. Detectors at dams can read the tags as the young fish move downstream and when the adult fish return to spawn giving migration and survival rate information as they move up and down the river systems.


US Navy Rebreather Data Logger
Mid Atlantic Research designed the Microprocessor based electronics and software for the Steam Machines Data Logger. This project was for the US Navy NEDU to log information from the current Military rebreather system. The information logged was Partial Pressure of Oxygen and Depth stored once per second for 18 hours. Requirements were +/- .01 PO2 and +/- 1 FSW depth at 300 foot maximum. This Data Logger was a stand Alone device and was meant to have mimimal intrusion into the rebreather breathing loop.


Steam Machines PRISM Steam Machines PRISM

Mid Atlantic Research worked closely with Steam Machines Inc. to design the Oxygen control / Display electronics for the SMI PRISM / Invader Closed Circuit Rebreather. The CPU controlled electronics monitor three independent oxygen cells and the software provides true voting logic to determine the viability of the inputs to control and monitor oxygen level. The electronics allow the user to preselect a PO2 setpoint and switch from surface to dive mode automatically at 18 FSW.

PRISM Test System PRISM Test System

The PRISM Test System was originally designed to allow factory testing of individual system components to the SMI PRISM Topaz / Invader. Primary and secondary displays, Power switch, and control electronics are computer tested and verified after construction, or to verify repairs. The Test system uses PC based software to control an external "black box" which simulates inputs and outputs to system components.

This was originally invisioned as a factory test device. It was later modified to allow the US Navy NEDU the ability to input their own test protocols and log the results to a Excel spreadsheet. This permitted tests spanning multiple days with tens of thousands of data points.

Mid Atlantic Research designed the PC software, "Black Box" electronics, and Firmware in the test box.

GPR1600 Process Analyzer GPR1600 Process Analyzer

The Analytical Industries GPR1600 is a microprocessor based Process Analyzer capable of measuring 0 - 100 PPB using the AII Pico-Ion sensor. Can be controlled from a keypad or remotely from a PC. Outputs include 0 - 1 volt, 0 - 5 volt, 4 to 20 mA isolated. On-board data logging provides over one week of data storage or can log to a PC providing essentially limitless storage.

Mid Atlantic Research designed the control electronics, firmware, and PC based software.

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